The idea for PushBoat.com started floating around in 1999, but it took nearly 15 years to bring it to reality. The original idea was to create a comprehensive web portal that would serve all the needs of the brown water boat and barge community. That turned out to be a tall order since there are so many different aspects to work and life on the river. So, we switched gears and decided that instead of building one giant portal, we would build a series of smaller sites that would address a narrower set of issues. We began to develop the current version at the end of 2013.

The founders, Shawn and Katie, have more than 20 years of brown water boat and barge experience. Shawn had the original idea and guides the development of features and functions. Katie is a social media pro and maintains our online presence. We assembled a small team of other experts to bring PushBoat.com to life:

  • Alan, our technology & marketing expert with more than 30 years of experience
  • Mike, our web guru who has implemented hundreds of successful websites
  • Katy, our graphic designer who has designed everything from ads to mailers to websites

Together we are creating websites that support the brown water community:
Websites created by brown water people for brown water people.
Be sure to visit our other site, BargesForSale.com